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By | April 27, 2018

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Vendor: Amazon
Certifications: Amazon Professional
Exam Name: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
Exam Code: AWS-Certified-DevOps-Engineer-Professional
Total Questions: 173

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Question: 6

You run a clustered NoSQL database on AWS EC2 using AWS EBS. You need to reduce latency
for database response times. Performance is the most important concern, not availability. You did not perform the initial setup, someone without much AWS knowledge did, so you are not sure if they configured everything optimally. Which of the following is NOT likely to be an issue contributing to increased latency?

A. The EC2 instances are not EBS Optimized.
B. The database and requesting system are both in the wrong Availability Zone.
C. The EBS Volumes are not using PIOPS.
D. The database is not running in a placement group.

Answer: B

For the highest possible performance, all instances in a clustered database like this one should be in a single Availability Zone in a placement group, using EBS optimized instances, and using PIOPS SSD EBS Volumes. The particular Availability Zone the system is running in should not be important, as long as it is the same as the requesting resources.

Question: 7

Fill the blanks: __________ helps us track AWS API calls and transitions, _________ helps to understand what resources we have now, and ________ allows auditing credentials and logins.

A. AWS Config, CloudTrail, IAM Credential Reports
B. CloudTrail, IAM Credential Reports, AWS Config
C. CloudTrail, AWS Config, IAM Credential Reports
D. AWS Config, IAM Credential Reports, CloudTrail

Answer: C

You can use AWS CloudTrail to get a history of AWS API calls and related events for your account. This includes calls made by using the AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and higher-level AWS services.

Question: 8

You are creating an application which stores extremely sensitive financial information. All information in the system must be encrypted at rest and in transit. Which of these is a violation of this policy?

A. ELB SSL termination.
B. ELB Using Proxy Protocol v1.
C. CloudFront Viewer Protocol Policy set to HTTPS redirection.
D. Telling S3 to use AES256 on the server-side.

Answer: A

Terminating SSL terminates the security of a connection over HTTP, removing the S for “Secure” in HTTPS. This violates the “encryption in transit” requirement in the scenario.

Question: 9

You need to scale an RDS deployment. You are operating at 10% writes and 90% reads, based on your logging. How best can you scale this in a simple way?

A. Create a second master RDS instance and peer the RDS groups.
B. Cache all the database responses on the read side with CloudFront.
C. Create read replicas for RDS since the load is mostly reads.
D. Create a Multi-AZ RDS installs and route read traffic to standby.

Answer: C

The high-availability feature is not a scaling solution for read-only scenarios; you cannot use a standby replica to serve read traffic. To service read-only traffic, you should use a Read Replica. For more information, see Working with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB Read Replicas.

Question: 10

When thinking of AWS Elastic Beanstalk, the ‘Swap Environment URLs’ feature most directly aids in what?

A. Immutable Rolling Deployments
B. Mutable Rolling Deployments
C. Canary Deployments
D. Blue-Green Deployments

Answer: D

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