Valid Campaign Business Practitioner 9A0-395 Exam Dumps with Updated Questions and Answers

By | August 30, 2018
Vendor Adobe
Exam Code 9A0-395
Full Exam Name Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner
Certification Name Campaign Business Practitioner

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

A Business Practitioner is starting delivery for two emails.
Which status and failure type combinations are possible in the Recipient Delivery logs for the two

A. Status: Sent. Failure Type: Not definedStatus: Pending. Failure Type: Not defined
B. Status: Sent. Failure Type: Not definedStatus: Pending. Failure Type: Unreachable
C. Status: Sent. Failure Type: Mailbox fullStatus: Pending. Failure Type: Unreachable
D. Status: Sent. Failure Type: Mailbox fullStatus: Pending. Failure Type: Not defined

Answer: C

Question: 2

A campaign has been setup with an operator group (with 2 operators) as approvers in the
“Approvals” section of the delivery.
What will happen if one of the operators is unavailable to provide approval?

A. The input of just the first approver is required in order for the process to continue onto the next
B. The campaign process will not proceed if both the first and seconds approvers do not provide
inputs before expiry
C. The process will continue without approval if one has been provided before expiry
D. The process waits indefinitely for inputs from both approvers before moving to the next activity

Answer: B

Question: 3

In an email delivery, the Business Practitioner uses conditioned content in the creative that varies by
recipient segment.
Which three methods allow the Business Practitioner to send proofs that can be set up to cover all
variations in the content? (Choose three.)

A. Proof with defined proof target
B. Proof with Seed address
C. Proof with Substitution of address with a random profile
D. Proof with Substitution of address with a fixed profile

Answer: A,B,C

Question: 4

A large target population spans multiple age groups. The Business Practitioner needs to create a
control group with 10% from each age group.
What is the most efficient method to create the control group?

A. Use a query activity to query the target population and another query activity to obtain the
desired control group. Then use an exclusion activity to get the exclusive target.
B. Modify the target population query to not include the control group.
C. Use a query activity to obtain the target population and send to a split activity to remove each age
group with record count limitation set as random.
D. Use the out of the box control group functionality with Random Sampling and Data Grouping.

Answer: C

Question: 5

A Practitioner chooses the wrong parent folder for the Marketing Plan. How should the Practitioner
correct the mistake?

A. delete the Marketing Plan and start over
B. edit the plan properties and select a different parent folder
C. drag and drop the Marketing Plan to a new folder
D. rename the parent folder

Answer: C

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