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By | October 11, 2018

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Vendor NetApp
Exam Code NS0-513
Full Exam Name NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer (Data Protection)
Certification Name NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-Data Protection

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Version: 5.1
Question: 1

A client decided to transition from a NetApp Storage Encryption environment that uses a KMIP-based
centralized key management server to a NetApp Volume Encryption environment that uses onboard
key management.
Which two steps are required to complete this task?
(Choose two.)

A. You must set the manufacturer secure ID (MSID) on each encrypted disk to 0x0.
B. Cluster-wide FIPS compliance mode must be enabled on all nodes in the cluster.
C. You must use the volume-move command to un-encrypt the storage system’s encrypted volumes.
D. All connections to the external key manager server must be disconnected.

Answer: AD

Question: 2

A client has a 2 TB volume and has enabled the function to automatically delete Snapshot copies in
scenarios where capacity will be exceeded. They have set the trigger for this action to the volume |
snap_reserve value.
In this scenario, what would trigger this function?

A. The volume reaches 95%.
B. The volume reaches 95% and the space_reserve is at capacity.
C. The snap_reserve reaches capacity.
D. The volume reaches 98% and the snap_reserve is at capacity.

Answer: D

Question: 3

Click the Exhibit button.
cluster2::>snapmirror show –instance
Source Path: svm1:svm1_vol3
Destination Path: svm1_2:svm1_2_vol2
Relationship Type: DP
Relationship Group Type: none
SnapMirror Schedule: 5min
SnapMirror Policy Type: async-mirror
SnapMirror Policy: DPDefault
Tries Limit: –
Throttle (KB/sec): unlimited
Mirror State: Snapmirrored
Relationship Status: Idle
Last Transfer Type: update
Last Transfer Error: –
Last Transfer Size: 72 KB
Last Transfer Network Compression Ratio: 1:1
Last Transfer Duration: 0:0:2
Last Transfer From: svm1:svm1_vol3
Last Transfer End Timestamp: 09/24 13:10:04
Progress Last Updated: –
Relationship Capability: 8.2 and above
Lag Time: 0:0:55
Number of Successful Updates: 1
Number of Failed Updates: 0
Number of Successful Resyncs: 0
Number of Failed Resyncs: 0
Number of Successful Breaks: 0
Number of Failed Breaks: 0
Total Transfer Bytes: 212992
Total Transfer Time in Seconds: 5
You want to view your SnapMirros relationship to make sure it is up to date. You issue the snapmirror
show –instance command. Referring to the exhibit, how long has it been since the last SnapMirror
update has successfully occurred?

A. 55 minutes
B. 55 seconds
C. 5 minutes
D. 5 seconds

Answer: B

Question: 4

Click the Exhibit button on the right.
You have an AFF A300 controller with four volumes in the aggregate that is shown in the exhibit. You
replicate all four volumes to one aggregate on a FAS8200 controller in a different cluster.
Referring to the exhibit, what are the storage efficiency savings on the destination FAS8200?

A. 1.5:1
B. 2:1
C. 4.28:1
D. 5.78:1

Answer: D

Question: 5

A company wants to implement a hybrid cloud backup model for their file services. They want to
configure an incremental forever backup that can then push to a public or private cloud.
Which products satisfy this requirement?

A. FlashPool with AltaVault and OnCommand Cloud Manager
B. SnapMirror with SnapCenter Software and AltaVault
C. ONTAP with FlexGroup and OnCommand Unified Manager
D. System Manager with Cloud Sync and NetApp Volume Encryption

Answer: B

Question: 6

You must determine if there have been any backup problems overnight. Which two reports in
OnCommand Unified Manager 6.2 would provide you with the required information?
(Choose two.)

A. Unresolved Incidents and Risks area
B. On Command Unified Manager Dashboard
C. On Command Cluster Events Details
D. On Command Job Events Details

Answer: BD

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