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By | June 7, 2018

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Vendor: VMware
Certifications: VMware vRealize Specialist
Exam Name: VMware Specialist: vRealize Operations 2017 Exam
Exam Code: 2VB-602
Total Questions: 60

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Latest and Most Accurate VMware 2VB-602 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Question: 21

If a customer determines that high availability (HA) is required for their vRealize Operations (vROps) cluster, which factor will need to be considered? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Determine how many replica nodes will be needed based on the number of total nodes in the vROps cluster
B. Ensure that enough vROps cluster nodes have been deployed, as turning HA on will essentially reduce the cluster capacity in half
C. Ensure that HA is enabled in the Default policy
D. Remote collectors will NOT be supported once HA is selected

Answer: B

Reference https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2150421 (see notes)

Question: 22

A system administrator of an online banking system application must monitor its Web, App and Database component tiers that affect the performance of its banking system application.
How can these components be monitored in vRealize Operations? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Creating a custom data center group that hosts the related components
B. Creating application smart alerts for each of the related components
C. Creating a group by defining its membership criteria for all the related components
D. Creating an application that groups the related components for each of the tiers

Answer: D

Question: 23

What are the possible roles that can be assigned when deploying a vRealize Operations appliance? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Master, Master Replica, Data, Remote Collector
B. Master, Analytics, Remote Collector, Child
C. Master, Backup, Analytics, Remote Collector
D. Parent, Child, Remote Collector

Answer: A

http://pubs.vmware.com/vrealizeoperationsmanager-6/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/vrealize-operations-manager-60-vapp-deploy-guide.pdf (p.10)

Question: 24

View the exhibit.

As shown in the exhibit, with a wait Cycle of 2 and a Cancel Cycle of 1, when will the alert be triggered by default?

A. 10 minutes
B. 5 minutes
C. 2 minutes
D. 1 minute

Answer: A


I’ve Installed vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) – Now what?

Question: 25

There are a few alerts in the Alerts Screen for host connectivity. These are currently being addressed by the networking team.
How would a user clear these alerts temporarily from the active list without cancelling them? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Take ownership of the alert
B. Assign the alert to the networking team
C. Release ownership of the alert
D. Suspend the alert

Answer: D


Question: 26

To configure the VMware vSphere management pack, a connection to a vCenter server must be made.
What are the minimum privileges for the collection user? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Read only with elevated privileges to datastores
B. Administrative
C. Read only
D. Virtual machine power user

Answer: C

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