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By | May 15, 2018

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Vendor: Avaya
Certifications: Avaya Certified Integration Specialist
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Call Center Elite and Call Center Elite Multichannel Implementation
Exam Code: 7391x
Total Questions: 68

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Question: 21

Which two factors determine which call will be routed via the “Last Agent” element? (Choose two.)

A. If the Caller know the extension number of the Agent
B. How long ago the agent spoke to the caller
C. Minimum contact time during the last conversation with the agent
D. The Last Agent available in the group
E. If the Customer in is the Agents personal contacts list

Answer: B,E

It is possible to create a task flow that will look at the Incoming CLID of a caller, and based on it look to matchthe caller with the Agent who last dealt with their query, if available. The Last agent element is used for this feature.

Question: 22

Which component is responsible for the routing within a IVR script?

A. Corba
B. Postgres server
C. Database Server
D. Taskserver IPO

Answer: A

Question: 23

You have successfully deployed an IPOCC server in the customer’s virtual environment and have configured the virtual machine to meet the OVA specifications in the Avaya IP Office Contact Center Explanation:
Configuration document.
Which two tasks do you need to complete before importing the customer intonation into IPOCC? (Choose two.)

A. Change the IP Office Service User password
B. Upgrade the VMWare Tools on the IPOCC Server to the latest release
C. Configure the Network Settings on the IPOCC Server
D. Change the IPOCC Server Hostname
E. Install the vSphere Client on the IPOCC Server

Answer: B,C

Question: 24

View the Exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows a screen shot of a tag that has been created in the tag list.
What is the intended purpose of this tag?

A. to reject any caller from Germany
B. to pass the call to a German language auto attendant
C. to identify calls with a German telephone number
D. to pass the call too an agent with German speaking skills

Answer: A

Question: 25

You have entered your licenses successfully, and now you want to check you have the correct amount of supervisor licenses for the customer.
Which screen in WebLM will show you this information?

A. CIE View License Capacity
B. CIE View Peak Usage
C. License Install
D. Licensed Product

Answer: C

https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100057555(page 12)

Question: 26

When a software component stops working, which IPOCC component tries to get it going again?

A. IP Office
B. Watchdog
C. Chap
D. Kernel

Answer: B

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