Microsoft Excel 2013 New Stunning Features

By | March 15, 2017

Microsoft Excel has been upgraded with all new features and look. The new Microsoft Excel helps you to get professional results very quick. The new feature helps to draw new pictures and walls of numbers to quickly find your data with informed decisions.

Microsoft Excel’s New Stunning Features:

Instant Data Analysis:

The new Quick Analysis of data lets you convert the data into a table or chart in two easy steps. The data can be previewed with charts, sparklines, conditional formatting and then you can make a choice with just a click of the mouse.

Flash Fill:

This is almost like a data assistant that completes your work for you as soon as you order it what you want. Flash Fill enlists the rest of the data in one sudden rush following the data pattern.

Chart Recommendations:

Microsoft Excel advises the charts that are most suitable for your data. How the data looks in the charts can be seen with a quick review and then simply select the one that displays the sensibility one wants to show.


This was introduced first in 2010 as a reciprocal way to filter PivotTable data. With the help of slicers one can filter data in data tables, query tables and Excel tables. It is user friendly and installing is easy as it shows the recent filter and the data one is looking for.


In2013 Excel has workbook for each of its window that is easier to work on with two workbooks at once. It also makes life easier when one is working simultaneously on two computers.

New Excel Functions:

One would find several functions in text function categories, logical, reference and look up, time and date, engineering, statistical, trigonometry and math. A new Web service functions for referencing existing Representational State Transfer (REST) – compliant Web services.

Share and Save Files:

It is easier for Excel to make and save workbooks on its own location like Skype. It is easier to share the worksheets with other people. It does not matter if someone is using the something else they would work on the latest worksheet and that also together as one in quick time.

Save to a New File Format:

Now one can open files and save them in new Strict open XML Spreadsheet (*.xlsx) format. This format of the file lets one writes and read dates to solve any issue of a year.

Embed Worksheet Data:

The part of your worksheet on the web is shared as one can easily embed it in the web page or open the embedded data in Excel.

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