[12/July/2018 Updated] Valid 237q Paloalto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer PCNSE Exam Dumps with New Questions and Answers

By | July 12, 2018
Vendor Paloalto Networks
Exam Code PCNSE
Full Exam Name Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PAN OS 8.0)
Certification Name Paloalto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer
Technology Network Security

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Question: 21

What are three possible verdicts that WildFire can provide for an analyzed sample? (Choose three)

A. Clean
B. Bengin
C. Adware
D. Suspicious
E. Grayware
F. Malware

Answer: BEF
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Question: 22

What can missing SSL packets when performing a packet capture on dataplane interfaces?

A. The packets are hardware offloaded to the offloaded processor on the dataplane
B. The missing packets are offloaded to the management plane CPU
C. The packets are not captured because they are encrypted
D. There is a hardware problem with offloading FPGA on the management plane

Answer: A

Question: 23

Given the following table.

Which configuration change on the firewall would cause it to use as the next hop for the network?

A. Configuring the administrative Distance for RIP to be lower than that of OSPF Int.
B. Configuring the metric for RIP to be higher than that of OSPF Int.
C. Configuring the administrative Distance for RIP to be higher than that of OSPF Ext.
D. Configuring the metric for RIP to be lower than that OSPF Ext.

Answer: A

Question: 24

A VPN connection is set up between Site-A and Site-B, but no traffic is passing in the system log of Site-A, there is an event logged as like-nego-p1-fail-psk.
What action will bring the VPN up and allow traffic to start passing between the sites?

A. Change the Site-B IKE Gateway profile version to match Site-A,
B. Change the Site-A IKE Gateway profile exchange mode to aggressive mode.
C. Enable NAT Traversal on the Site-A IKE Gateway profile.
D. Change the pre-shared key of Site-B to match the pre-shared key of Site-A

Answer: D

Question: 25

A company is upgrading its existing Palo Alto Networks firewall from version 7.0.1 to 7.0.4.
Which three methods can the firewall administrator use to install PAN-OS 7.0.4 across the enterprise?( Choose three)

A. Download PAN-OS 7.0.4 files from the support site and install them on each firewall after manually uploading.
B. Download PAN-OS 7.0.4 to a USB drive and the firewall will automatically update after the USB drive is inserted in the firewall.
C. Push the PAN-OS 7.0.4 updates from the support site to install on each firewall.
D. Push the PAN-OS 7.0.4 update from one firewall to all of the other remaining after updating one firewall.
E. Download and install PAN-OS 7.0.4 directly on each firewall.
F. Download and push PAN-OS 7.0.4 from Panorama to each firewall.

Answer: ACF

Question: 26

A logging infrastructure may need to handle more than 10,000 logs per second.
Which two options support a dedicated log collector function? (Choose two)

A. Panorama virtual appliance on ESX(i) only
B. M-500
C. M-100 with Panorama installed
D. M-100

Answer: BC

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